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Valuable Presentations to Help Grow Your Business

April 2, 2014

One of the most exciting (and intimidating) things about our industry is that it is always changing. Technology changes, trends come and go. Keeping ahead of the curve requires constant education and experimentation. One of our most consistent resources is SCORE’s Online Workshops. We’ve shared them as a resource before and thought they would tie in perfectly here to our “presentations” portion of our series.

We’ve taken many of these courses and have enjoyed all of them! We’ve sugested three below that are topics we often get asked questions on. Our clients are often successful business owners and these videos have helped them and can more than likely help you. Even if you get one thing out of them, that’s a success in our mind.

Find Your Target Market - Dandyline Designs

Are you a new business looking to hone in on your target market? Or maybe you are launching a new product or service in your established business and need to revisit this area of your marketing strategy. This is a great presentation on really getting clear on your audience so you can market directly to them and ultimately make more money. WATCH PRESENTATION HERE.

Social Media Demystified - Dandyline Designs

Still lagging on getting your social media page up? Or maybe you are a start up and need help getting started with your business pages? Explore how to create your presence online in a simple presentation. WATCH PRESENTATION HERE.

SEO Explained - Dandyline Designs

This is a subject that comes up very often in our projects. “What is SEO?” and “How can my SEO be improved?” This presentation is how we created our 10 Part Series and we think it is a fabulous investment of your time. Every business should understand the basics of SEO. WATCH PRESENTATION HERE.

Some other great resources that we use include lynda.com, WEVonline.org and skillshare.com. Any video’s, services or presentations you just cannot live without? Please share them in the comments area below.

Dandyline Designs, Making Your Business Remarkable - Presentations

This post is a part of our 10-Week Series Challenge on Making Your Business Remarkable. This article is for Week 9: “Presentations”. Feel free to share any video’s, services or presentations you just cannot live without in the comments area below.

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