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Three Simple Steps To An Organized Workspace

August 9, 2013
Dandyline Designs - Tips from the studio: Get Organized

We are a little OCD in our office space when it comes to keeping it neat and tidy…Only because we know ourselves well enough that if it were a mess, nothing would get done! If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with the clutter in your space, try these two simple things:

1. Consider “Going Wireless”

A great way to keep your workspace clean and free from the common cord-clutter is to invest in a wireless mouse and keyboard setup. It is way less of a headache when you need to do something on the desk, you can easily move the mouse and keyboard aside for the extra space. On the other hand a wireless setup definitely makes your workspace look better with all those wires out of the way. All in all paying the few extra bucks is well worth it.

2. Keep Only What You Need

If you are serious about keeping your workspace as organized as possible, you must have a clear idea of what NEEDS to be there and what isn’t a necessity. Things like the magazine you just got in the mail or your phone charger should be put away. Not just dropped into your drawer, but put in it’s place. Do you really need 6 black pens and two pencils on your desk right now? Find a jar, if you don’t have a desk tray and use it! Our mouse, keyboard, notebook and a coffee/tea cup are the only things at our desks – most of the time.

3. Cleanup on Weekly Basis

Once you have done the above tasks, you would think it’s all done once and for all. Nope! If you’re human, your workspace will get messy again at a certain point if you don’t take any action. In this case, action means repeating the two-step process from time to time. We prefer to come in every day to an organized space so we spend 10 minutes after our work-day making sure everything is in it’s place. If that’s too much for you, pick a day and time every week that you will commit to getting your workspace back in shape. Put on some music, make it fun!

These small tasks will improve the look and energy of your workspace. You will avoid distractions, and be more productive when your space is clear of clutter. Without those messy cords and those sloppy piles, your workspace will bring you back to the basics – good, fun creativity.

For some other ideas, we love pinterest for some great vision-board ideas and ways to keep it fun. Check it out, here: OFFICE ORGANIZATION ON PINTEREST

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