Summertime Motivation (aka Survival)…

July 23, 2013
Summertime Survival

Summertime is always a challenge at our office. We have a huge window overlooking Downtown Ventura and we can see the blue ocean out in the distance. It’s hard to not wish you were outside in the sunshine. Being productive at work during the summer months can definitely be a challenge for us all. We’ve found a few ways to keep yourself motivated and productive with an mind energized – regardless of the sunny skies calling your name. Here are a few tips to help stay motivated at work during the summer season:

1. Set Daily Goals
Most of us work to reach some type of goal, whether it be a landmark in a project, a promotion within the company or simply gaining new experiences. Remember that every productive day on the job will lead you one step closer toward your goal. If the end goal is not enough to motivate you on a daily basis, try set shorter-term daily goals. Make a list of things you want to accomplish within the day and cross each task off the list when it is completed. Having a visual road-map will help the day go by faster and give you a feeling of accomplishment as you cross each task off the list. This is our favorite thing to do on our office white-board. Erase that task!

2. Focus on the Big Picture
No matter how small your task may seem, or how loud the sunshine is calling your name,  remember that you play a huge part, if not the entire part, of reaching the end goal (‘The Big Picture’) through your daily tasks.

3. Brighten Your Day
The afternoon slump is almost impossible to avoid. Take a break and walk around the block, or play your favorite (happy) song or podcast while you stand up and do a stretch at your desk. A break in the monotony will help you realign your focus. If you need inspiration, talk to an energetic or positive-minded co-worker, or if you are a “solo-prenuer” call up a good friend or colleague to say hello. Their good mood will be contagious, giving you an extra boost in your day.

4. Be Proud of Your Work
This is easy when you do what you love like we do…If it’s not your dream project, still be proud that you are an able bodied contributor to a larger picture and the success of a business. That’s amazing! Make sure to give yourself credit for every project and assignment you complete. Most importantly, when anyone compliments you on a job well-done remember to say “thank you” and take pride in your work – don’t brush it off.

Focus and productivity during summer can be a challenge, but try the above tips to see if they help. Setting goals, focusing on the big picture, taking breaks and recognizing a job well-done all give your day direction and purpose. Focus on the positives of every day – the sunshine on your drive to work warming you up for a great day, the lovely breeze coming in the window, the smell of the ocean on your lunch break walk. We’re all lucky to live and work in our own little paradise.

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