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Simple brand image design with Dandyline Designs

April 6, 2015
Dandyline Designs - 7 Steps to simple brand image design

“Brand image design” is commonly misused in our industry to sound like a fancy, often overpriced, logo design. At Dandyline Designs, our brand image design process results in far more than just a logo design. We work with our clients to help them be 100% clear about what their business stands for, their values, intentions and who their target market is. From there we work together to build an entire brand image. Yes, a logo is a small part of the result, but the value is in having a true understanding for the brand as a whole. Marketing pieces, website messages, sales calls, etc. are all made much easier when the brand is already clear on what they stand for.

We’ve put together a little outline of 7 basic pieces/steps to a simple brand image design process. Our hope it that this list provides clarity to some of the areas involved in building a brand image design.

1. Focus

Take some time to get some clear perspective by eliminating distractions in a quiet place. We will be focusing on answers to questions like: What makes yous business unique? What do you want to be known for? Why did you choose this business venture? This quiet space of reflection helps ensure the next six steps are true to you and your business.

2. Values

Your personal values in addition to the values of your business will be explored here. Once you have figured out from the focus step, what you want to be known for, you can think about how that ties into your business values. Why will people choose you over your competition? Often times people start their business from a source of passion. That passion is often tied into something that is important to a value. Is this true for your business? Let’s explore that here…

3. Personality

When you think of brands you relate to, you may find they have characteristics that stand out to you. Their personalities may be fun, quirky or confident. What characters traits does your business and your clients have that help create success? What words would describe this personality of your business? What kind of ‘mood’ does your brand image have? We often ask our clients to work with us on a ‘mood board’ to build a foundation for their brand image design project – we love this part of the process!

4. Color

Colors invoke an emotional connection (often subconsciously) in relation to your business. We’ll share our knowledge on using the appropriate color for your brand image. This is when we reference your brand values to make sure we are connecting your brand image with the values you have, in a positive way.

5. Fonts

Like color, choosing the right font choice for your brand image can enhance the connection your target market makes with your business. Client engagement may be related to the font you choose for your brand image design. With thousands of fonts available, we will work together to find the perfect option. We may even get to build a custom font, just for you!

6. Dimension

Texture and patterns can bring another level of connection to your clients. This aspect may not be as timeless as your logo design, however, it can be a great way to feel “irresistible” to your target market. Regardless of how contemporary or timeless your pattern is, it will always be true to your overall brand image.

7. Communication

We talked about “Being Remarkable” in an older blog post (HERE). Your final brand image design will help your brand image start off as “remarkable.” Your communications to the world, moving forward with your new brand image, should be engaging and compelling. You will have a beautiful brand image, it will be up to you to ensure your business lives up to the reputation.


If you want more information on working with us to build a brand image design for your venture, contact us here. We are booking slots for Summer 2015 and would love to work with you to build something amazing!

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