I specialize in crafting brands in both digital and printed realms that create an impact. I believe that thoughtful design and authentic storytelling are the key ingredients to every successful brand. 

Dandyline Designs® - Brand Image Design & Consulting

Creating a brand goes beyond designing a pretty logo. The perception and experience your customers have when interacting with your business is your brand. We’ll work together to uncover your brand voice that is consistent, relevant and authentic.

Once we have worked together to understand your brand voice, I will use our creative briefs, mood boards, colors and typography to create a logo that authentically represents your business.

Building out a brand’s image within each marketing piece is essential to making sure your business is represented clearly and connecting with the right audience. The list of collateral design services I offer is endless and varies with each business. Contact me for any specific requests or questions.

Many businesses start off with a tiny budget and priorities that do not involve establishing a brand voice right from the beginning. This often results in loss of connection with the right customers…which means loss of potential income. Ready to re-brand your established business? I am so excited to help!

Dandyline Designs® - Graphic and Print Design

I wear the badge of ‘nerd’ proudly and stereotyping myself, note my excitement in each chance to pick up whatever book I am reading. In addition to reading frequently, I understand what works in editorial content design and publications. From ad design to full publication layout, let’s work together to create a beautiful piece.

Just because your selfie game is strong, doesn’t mean you should be shooting your product or business photos, too. Let me connect you with a professional photographer to capture your product in a way that is consistent with your entire brand identity.

Really, there’s more…If you are looking for something specific that you do not see here, feel free to contact me. I love out of the ordinary projects just as much as I love a basic business card design. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Dandyline Designs® - Digital Graphic Design

Building out your brand voice through each angle of your marketing efforts will ensure your customers understand what you do, and why it is valuable to them. From your website and social media to email newsletters, I design pieces to maintain your brand voice consistently across all platforms.


Dandyline Designs® - Brand Strategy

During our initial consultation and up until the design phase, we will work together on a strategy for your brand vision. Gathering information and inspiration will reveal your brand voice to help your business thrive.

Dandyline Designs® - Brand Image Design

I will spend time developing design concepts for your project, once we have determined the true inspiration and story of your business. After the initial designs have been presented, we will work back and forth to help finalize everything and make sure that each piece is in line with your brand voice.

Dandyline Designs® - Building a brand image

More often than not, client projects are multi-dimensional. I will build the final logo into various formats, covering the outlets we agree on as most effective for reaching your target market, to tie all of your marketing collateral together.

Dandyline Designs® - Brand Consulting, More Details

If you are interested in learning more about my process from start to finish, please contact me about your project. I would be happy to share my media kit, which goes more in-depth on the services, process and investment of working with me. I am also happy to set up a time to chat more about what you need.