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We Recommend – Pinterest for Marketing Your Business

January 31, 2014
Making Your Business Remarkable - Week 4: Recommendations

As part of our 10-Week Series Challenge on Making Your Business Remarkable, we are in Week 4: “Recommendations”. Read on to find out why we recommend integrating Pinterest into your businesses marketing strategy.

Pinterest For Your Business

You’ve heard it before: “I’m addicted to Pinterest!” As of January, 2014 there are an estimated 70 million users worldwide. 79% of active users are from the US with close to 16 minutes average visits to the site.

Investing in television commercials, radio commercial space, print advertising, etc. has never been realistic for small businesses trying to reach a large audience. In the history of marketing, this large population of a potential audience has never been available as an opportunity for virtually no cost.

Now the real question is: “Is your business on Pinterest, and using it effectively?” 

If you are selling a product, you should know that Pinterest grabs about 41% of e-commerce traffic. If you are offering a service, you should know that 33% of social media users look to Pinterest for specific service tips and recommendations. 81% of users trust Pinterest as a reliable source for information and advice.

If you aren’t convinced by all the numbers we just threw your way, check out Pinterest’s page on business success stories. Some huge brands are included in these stories like Nordstrom, Sony Electronics and Sephora.

Here’s how you can make the most of marketing your business on Pinterest:

  1. Create a business page HERE.
  2. Download the “Best Practices Guide” from Pinterest.
  3. Add the “pin-it” button to your website. See more about this little button here.
  4. Start Pinning by showing what inspires you and your brand. “Instead of just showing off your products, show what inspires them. Create boards for the ideas, places, people and moods behind your brand.” -Tips for business on Pinterest.
  5. Track what works, and what doesn’t with the intuitive Analytics Tool.

We are Pinterest addicts and love sharing images that inspire us here in the studio. The goal of our pins is to help people connect to our style as designers. Please share a link to your Pinterest account below, and check out our Inspiration Page on our website to see our latest pins.

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