Rebecca Dahl

(other shirt styles are available with this design)

(other shirt styles are available with this design)

If you’ve been lucky enough to share any moment with this beautiful woman, you will relate to this shirt’s message. Rebecca is one of the most brave and beautiful human’s I have ever known in all roles: daughter, mother and friend. As she continues to fight the unimaginable fight, the money raised by the sales of this shirt will go 100% to her family. The design is inspired by her tattoo and her determination to never back down.

Rebecca’s Story: Rebecca was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 11 weeks pregnant with her 4th child. She received 8 weeks of chemotherapy after a right sided mastectomy. Her baby Ezekiel was born healthy and Rebecca received 7 more weeks of chemotherapy and radiation. 3-years later her cancer came back. This time it was in her bones.  She continued to fight and received more chemotherapy and radiation.  Several months ago, the cancer became more aggressive despite all of the meds the doctors tried. It converted to triple negative and has spread throughout her bones, her liver, and lungs. Rebecca told her oncologist that she wanted to fight for every day or week she could in order to  spend more time with her beautiful children.  And boy has she fought. ( Verbiage from the meal train website set up by her family: )


***You will receive your shirt 7-10 days after this campaign closes. Bonfire waits until the end of the campaign to gather all orders, print them and ship them at once. I apologize for the delay.