MICOP / Mixteco Shirt Campaign

Hello! This is my second campaign to raise money for a non profit organization, chosen based on causes I believe in. This campaign will benefit a local group, MICOP/Mixteco.

A bit about the organization, from their website: The Mixteco/Indígena Community Organizing Project (MICOP) unites indigenous leaders and allies to strengthen the Mixtec and indigenous immigrant community in Ventura County, estimated at 20,000 people. Most are strawberry farmworkers, and many speak primarily their indigenous language. MICOP’s majority-indigenous staff builds community leadership and self-sufficiency through education and training programs, language interpretation, health outreach, humanitarian support, and cultural promotion. We organize the community to advocate for shared concerns. MICOP reaches approximately 6,000 individuals each year.

I have two shirts available for purchase in support of this campaign. I will be donating the money raised by purchases of these shirt designs to MICOP/Mixteco. Thank you for your support!

***You will receive your shirt 7-10 days after this campaign closes. Bonfire waits until the end of the campaign to gather all orders, print them and ship them at once. I apologize for the delay.