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Let’s Talk About: LOGOS

August 29, 2013
Dandyline Designs - Let's talk about logos...

Logos are intended be powerful symbols to enhance your business’ visibility, credibility, and, most importantly, its memorability (yes, we made up a word…basically, people need to remember your brand image.) Something we often need to remind our clients is that a logo should unquestionably match the product or services. You have one chance to make an impression! Everything related to your company including your logo, product, business cards, website, etc. should send the same message about the personality of your company to the appropriate target market.

Naturally, most start-ups are on a shoestring budget, so they usually make their own logos. Many of these start-ups don’t spend enough time on it before releasing it into the wild. Take this story from Grace of Design Sponge: “I know I didn’t when I made my logo for my first business (a wedding invitation company) in 1999. In the course of its 6-year run, I changed my company logo three times. My company launched with what I call its “Blossom” logo. It was fun, whimsical, and happy. Being new to the neighborhood, it wanted to please everyone…It was curly and wore a big floppy hat with a sunflower (metaphorically speaking). About two years later, my company was doing well and entered into a sort of new bourgeois phase…It wanted to be sophisticated and more discerning about who it hung out with. It got rid of the floppy hat and wore stilettos instead…Finally, about three years after that, my logo finally figured out who it really was. It had tried hard to be chipper and perky—and failed. It tried hard to be sophisticated—and failed. In the end, it was exhausted trying to be something it wasn’t, so it finally found itself.

The reality is that your business may loose some credibility having a public evolution of sorts with the brand image. Your business may appear unstable, unfocused and constantly suffering from some sort of identity crisis. Most logos could have very minor evolutions if the initial step of its creation included a professional brand image designer (aka Dandyline Designs).  Although we get the initial thought of wanting to save money, you may end up spending more time re-designing and more money re-printing all of your marketing pieces with the “Do-It-Yourself” method.

The bottom line is an amateur logo design could only hurt your business. Designing an effective brand image takes professional experience and an understanding of marketing to your audience. The best advice we have is this: hire a brand image designer like Dandyline Designs. It will be the best investment, for years to come.

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