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February 25, 2013
Don't Waste Money On Marketing

Creating effective marketing materials takes some research, knowledge about your business and audience in addition to great design. We work with businesses every day to create marketing pieces that work for them. Here are a few tips that will help your next marketing project  be as effective as possible:

Keep an idea scrapbook/folder

When you receive promotional materials that you respond well to, save them for inspiration and reference. When discussing your marketing piece design visions, be clear about why you prefer some pieces to others (ex. the font use, colors, image placement, etc.). This will help us create marketing pieces that are true to you and your businesses character.

Your audience should be able to identify your business in the design piece, even if your company name was not on it. We will make sure this happens by using consistent design elements — logo, typefaces, graphics and colors — on all your marketing pieces.

Focus on the target market

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and ask “Why should I use this businesses services based on this marketing piece?” Give the audience practical information they can use – don’t just fill the space. We recommend hiring a professional copywriter for projects involving a large amount of text/copy. We can connect you with a professional, if needed.

Don’t be afraid of “white space”

White space is the clean space in your promotional piece – it is your friend. Too much information will confuse and overwhelm your readers, especially if it is not relevant. Additionally, studies show people are looking for a “quick” solution so reading a lot of text is the last thing they will do.

With design… less is often more

If your materials are too busy with text, colors and images, your message may be lost to your audience. A lost message makes your marketing materials a waste of money. A simple, clean, organized layout makes your materials look professional and have more impact.

Give people a reason to respond – aka “Call To Action”

Limited time, special offers, promotional pricing, etc. are all great ways to make your audience act NOW. Experiment with different offers to see what your target market responds to, and changes as needed. Also, make sure your website is set up to receive the response to these “Call To Action” messages. That would mean an easy place to join your mailing list, view your services, contact you, etc.

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