Cory Yniguez - Owner, Dandyline Designs®

Meet Cory

Hello! My name is Cory Yniguez and I am the founder of Dandyline Designs, a design studio that specializes in crafting brands and printed goods that create an impact.

I believe that thoughtful design and authentic storytelling are the key ingredients to every successful brand. My hope is to work with you to blend your story and my design experience to attract your ideal clients, investors, and projects.


I launched Dandyline Designs in 2009 after completing the SET (Self Employment Training) course through Women’s Economic Ventures (WEV).

Over the years, I have worked with like-minded business owners and organizations with a shared passion for simple design with a purpose. Telling your visual story is such an exciting process and I look forward to working together, soon.

Why “Dandyline”?

DANDY: from those puffy white flowers (Yes, I know they are weeds. I’m an optimist) you send your wishes into the wind with – dandelions. LINE: the first step in my initial design concepts is often drawing playful lines on paper. The result of these two bits = dandyline.

Inclusion and Diversity Statement

As a latinx, disabled, woman business owner, diversity and inclusion has naturally been a part of how I built my business. Each ethnicity, race, gender identification, nation of origin, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability, color, religion, etc. are welcome. I support connection, curiosity, growth, learning and unlearning.