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10 Steps To Helping Your Designer Help You

February 14, 2014

Design projects are often priced by the amount of time estimated for consultation, brand and industry research, initial concept design, proofs, revisions and preparing files for print and web use. Whew! And so much more…When you invest in a designer to help you with your brand design projects, you are investing in the time as mentioned above, and their talent a s a professional in their industry.

We have a standard questionnaire that we send to each of our clients at the start of our relationship to help understand their brand, message, vision and goals. We’ve also put together this 10-Step infographic of items you can provide us to help us help you.

10 Steps - Help Us Help You

This article is a part of our 10-Week Series Challenge on Making Your Business Remarkable. This article is for Week 6: “Step By Step” where we explore “Ten Steps To Help Your Designer Help You.” Feel free to share in our comments below any one of these ten items that help set your business apart…

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